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Radiofonica: three days of radio art in Milan

RADIOFONICA, a three days of radio art curated by Alessandro Bosetti and Anna Raimondo is running from today, November 6th until Saturday November 9th at O’ in Milan.

Radio Papesse will be streaming the open listening sessions and afternoon talks, everyday, from 3:00pm to 9:45pm.

Click on ascolta on Radio Papesse home page and join us and all the radio people involved: Marcus Gammel (Director of Klangkunst at Deutschlandradio Kultur), Elena Biserna, Stefano Perna, Zimmerfrei, Daria Corrias, Sara Zambotti and Marcello Anselmo/Audiodoc, Riccardo Fazi, Davide Tidoni, Pinotto Fava, Isabella Bordoni, Rodolfo Sacchettini, Attila Faravelli, Blauer Hase/Giulia Morucchio, Irene Revell, Tiziano Bonini, Leandro Pisano, Stefano Giannotti, Laura Malacart (via Skype conference), Lucia Farinati, Lorenzo Pavolini, Alessandro Bosetti and Anna Raimondo.

Friday November 7th at 7:00 pm Radio Papesse will inaugurate the daily listening session with a special 45 minutes long Radia Mix, a condensation of last season shows (from 481 to 501).

Radio as Art conference

On 5th – 7th June the International Symposium ‘Radio as Art – Concepts, Spaces, Practices: Radio Art between Media Reality and Art Reception‘ will take place in Bremen, Germany. Click here to access the conference schedule.

There will be an audio live stream of the complete proceedings available on Mobile Radio, including interviews and chats with conference speakers and relevant radio art pieces are played during the breaks. Use the Twitter hashtag #radioasart if you want to join in with the debate from afar.



On 3-4 MAY 2014 REVEIL happens: the first live 24 hour broadcast of the sounds of daybreak. REVEIL will be hosted in New York by  Wave Farm and broadcast on WGXC 90.7-FM and participating stations including Resonance FM (UK), Soundart radio (UK), Radio Papesse (IT), Kriti FM (GR), NOFM2 [ARTSYNCH] (BG), Phaune Radio (FR), ARTxFM (Louisville, KY, US), Radio Patapoe (Amsterdam, NL).

Starting on Saturday at dawn London time (UTC 0+1), REVEIL will travel West from one open microphone to the next, tracking the rising sun, and finish the following morning back in London where the show is being broadcast from the soundCamp at Stave Hill Ecology Park, about 2 miles from the Meridian line in Greenwich.

The broadcast will combine streams from the Locus Sonus network, many assembled specially for this event, newly commissioned feeds from Abu Dhabi, Athens, Tehran and S Italy, together with existing live audio from webcams, deep ocean hydrophones, Very Low Frequency radio and independent channels, covering all continents and time zones.

REVEIL aims to create a sketch of this emerging live archive and to catalyze the development of a more extensive open microphone network as a way of attending to the soundscapes especially of wild places – whether in remote wilderness or dense urban areas. The Reveil broadcast and the soundCamp are linked to International Dawn Chorus Day, an annual event when many people go out in the early morning to listen to birdsong.

For details on broadcasting, contributing a stream or visiting the soundCamp in London , please see or email

The Long Night Of Yeast

On Monday 4th November from 8pm CET, Mobile Radio will be broadcasting 12 hours of live fermentation from a wine cellar in the Mosel valley. Here is the link to tune in: or check the audio player on
cellar7Every autumn thousands of wine cellars in the Mosel valley, Germany’s premier wine growing region, turn into magnificent sound installations. Freshly pressed grape juice starts fermenting in barrels and the escaping gas bubbles through glass u-pipes, each barrel at its own speed. Mobile Radio has set up a stereo microphone in the wine cellar of bio-dynamic winemakers Rudolf & Rita Trossen in the village of Kinheim to capture and broadcast these fermentation sounds from 8pm to 8am CET, starting on Monday 4th November, documenting the work of yeast turning juice into wine.

Klapperstein – Mulhouse – France: radio art workshops

Klapperstein radio meeting, 21st – 27th October 2013

Made for young radio producers and those who want to become one, the Klapperstein meeting in Mulhouse, France, offers workshops in creative use of radio and technology by a.o. Radia associates Dinah Bird, Mobile Radio and Radio Grenouille’s Radiolab. Plus concerts, live broadcasts, a Placard headphone festival and much more.

Primarily aimed at French, German and Swiss radio enthusiasts there might be an option for other nationals to take part. There are still several bursaries available to help with travel and accommodation. In case of interest fill out this application form or contact Nico at



On the occasion of Süden (South in German), an exhibition curated by Villa Romana [] that will be held at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin from August 26th to September 8th 2013

Radio Papesse invites you to Süden Radio

15-days of special broadcasting in which we will try to dwelve into many possible different sonic dimensions of the South: what is it? Is it just a matter of latitude?
Is it a phenomenon, is it a method, a cliché? Is it possible to define or to open up the geographical scale of the South? How do we look at it?
In the face of the multiplicity of borders, how can we approach it, without reducing the discourse to mere geographical terms? without reducing its complexity into a monolithic phenomenological entity through which and unlike to we define ourselves?

In collaboration with Saout Radio and

Call for soundworks

(deadline for submissions July, 25th)

We look for you, musicians, activists, composers and artists, to share your inspiring contribution on this arduous and slippery field of investigation. We need to test our medium and our means.
Be it acoustic experiments, songs, field recordings, philosophy, poetry, travel or geographical advice, South-notion related classical or electronic compositions, documentaries, interviews and chats ‘going south‘.
Be it music, playlists, a radio show or features, we are looking forward to listen to how the notion of South may be reflected in your own work and research.

We don’t ask for original soundworks, but recent and less recent works are all welcome.

What we have to offer is:
_the broadcast of a selection of contributions locally and on stream (, and Saout Radio) and via a listening station inside the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin; selected Süden Radio broadcasts will be transmitted on the Radia network;
_an opportunity for publication (including short bio and links) on website: the selected productions will enter the Radio Papesse’s archive;
_one selected soundwork will be awarded € 200,00.
The selected work will be announced Sunday, September 1st during Süden Radio LIVE @ at 8PM on, Berlin.
The selection will be up to a jury composed by Radio Papesse, Saout Radio and Villa Romana.
All decisions are final.

All the soundworks should be sumbitted via WeTransfer to
Deadline: July 25th 2013.
There are NO submission fees.

Any submission requires:
_your audio file (wav, 44.1 Khz, mp3 >256 kbps),
_production sheet including title, length, author and genre,
_short CV (max. 500 spaces),
_authorisation for entering the Audio Archive purposes (yes/no),
_a photo relating either to you or your work (max. 200 kb).

Radio Papesse is a non-commercial production platform. The copyright for submitted files remains with the artists. A selected number of your submissions may be presented on the website as a public archive. For this, we would then need your consent in writing. The licensing format we ususally adopt is the Creative Commons License but we’re up for other licesing suggestions.


Who we are:
Radio Papesse [] places itself on the irregular border where art and sound converge. Not a magazine, nor an artistic project, rather it is a method of production we have been pursuing since 2006 and that is gaining strenght from its relational dimention. As Gregory Whitehead reads “Radio is mostly a set of relationships, an intricate triangulation of listener, ‘player’ and system”. We try to be in the middle of it.
Radio Papesse is a webradio streaming 24/7 and a free online sound archive growing day by day.
RP is based in Florence, Italy.

Saout Radio [] is a webradio project inspired by the need of a research on contemporay artistic practices in relation to the sonic and radiophonic language.
It was founded in Maroc by artists Younes Baba-Ali and Anna Raimondo and it aims to promote the research and practice of sound art in Maghreb, Africa and Middle East.
Saout Radio is a project for the creation of transmission spaces and exchange on international artistic platforms. It supports different and hybrid forms of sound productions, from soundscaping to radio art from artistic documentaries to experimental music. [] : Free Artists Radio
Art, Discourse and Electronic Music from Berlin. 88.4 FM is an award winning artist run radio that broadcasts pop culture, politics, interviews, DJ sets, live concerts and experimental formats live from the House of World Cultures!

Radio Papesse
Carola Haupt & Ilaria Gadenz



(deadline for submissions: JULY 5)

In the frame of the project ECOS we are launching the first of a
series of open calls for submission of contemporary sound art and
radio art works which connect to the themes of space and listening.
Artists are invited to apply with recent or new works. The first of
the series is programmed and coordinated by Paulo Raposo, sound artist
and radio producer.

“The ear knows this space. I can put the ear on the other side of the
window, projecting it great distances, holding it at a great distance
from the body. Lost, dissolved in the transparent air, fluctuating
with its nuances, sensible of its smallest comas, shivering at the
least derision, set free, mingled with the shocks of the world, I
exist.” (Michel Serres, Les cinq Sens)

The headquarters of the project and the radio studio is located in the
old medievel part of Lisbon giving the motto “How to get lost and
start listening”. The surroundings of Alfama, with its intrincate
labyrinth of narrow streets, secret passages and unforesseen
connections, promotes and enhances an experience of disorientation,
wandering, walking in circles and ultimately getting lost and

Despite the economical and political pressures on urban renewal – this
territory invites memory, history, reflection, bringing public and
private space to find a tensionless continuum in its constellation of
concatenated spaces that fluidly merge the interior and the exterior.
Escaping a linear narrative, it is an organic palimpsest where the
dispersed and reflected sounds ghostly recirculate and activate new
forms of awareness, different perceptual matrixes and spatial

This radio project aims to investigate topographies and geographies,
social and cultural narratives through poetic imagination, arising the
possibility for a deeper commitment with the landscape, the
architectural space and the community.


Please fill out the form:

Please send your audio file through to .
Size file: wav >44.1 khz, mp3 >320 kbps
File name: give the same name as the title of your piece

Paulo Raposo //
Nuno Torres //

radio //

Open Call for Random Time Radio


Open Call for Random Time Radio
as part of the “Addicted2Random” Festival in Halle/Saale, Germany

Acoustic Mapping of the Coincidental

Throughout centuries of European musical tradition, coincidence and the coincidental did not play a role in composition – Händel, Bach and Beethoven were masters of systematic composition and artistic perfectionism. Yet contemporary musical creations of the avant garde commonly employ coincidence as a means of composition. It is the transitory nature of the moment and the allure of the unpredictable that allow musical dimensions expand to the infinite.
Together with international sound and radio artists, the festival Addicted2Random (A2R) examines through sound installation, radio art, exhibition and performance how the compositional style of classical European music and artistic work with coincidence can influence each other.

For the festival’s radio programme we are looking for radio art pieces.

The A2R festival is organized by free radio station Radio Corax. We will install a radio studio for three days (10-12 July 2013) in the birth house of Georg Friedrich Händel in Halle to broadcast live festival events.
For our all-day radio programme around these live events we are searching for radio art works that may touch on issues such as:
– computer generated music
– the European musical heritage
– ideas for new forms of radio
– the idea of the coincidental within art
– radio art based on randomness

You are cordially invited to send us a contribution to the festival’s “Random Time Radio“ programme, including a brief description of your radio piece for our announcements. All pieces will be considered and if necessary a selection made. Unfortunately we cannot offer any financial support.

The deadline to send audio files is 5th July 2013.

File formats accepted are wav and mp3 (192kbps or higher). Contact us if you want to send pd or max/msp patches. For files larger than 10MB please use services such as
Please send your works to Georg Wellbrock: